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I know I am being an Idealist.. but I hold out hope that people will use their heads,

As all of the action is going to be close quarters I hope that everyone who participates would have a care for their friends.

In a field situation I can understand the need for a "hot gun" to reach out, but when playing in close quarters such modifications are of little value.

Full auto fire will be rare.. so ROF is immaterial, engagments are within 5 meters, so range immaterial. Accuracy.. at close range.. well as long as you shoot straight it is not much of a factor how accurate your gun, as long as your windage in dialed in.

So the only reason to show up with a hot gun.. is you don't have one that is not "tricked" or you are a GOOB.

The first problem can be solved with money... the second.. there are "other" solutions.
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