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ohhhhh them sock cuckers done goofed this time.. Get a tracking update on my phone saying my NPAS has been delivered. Weird, I thought, since nobody was home at the time and the package was signature required.

Get home, check the super box, nope not there. Check the front door.. nothing. Go online and look at the signature (they post a digital image of it now) and the name in the 'receiver' field is my name, but the signature is definitely not my signature.

CP delivered the package to who knows where, and wont do shit to help me find it. They said the sender has to start an investigation, and they wont let ME start it, because - get this - the sender paid for it and they owe it to the sender to ensure the package is delivered. When I asked the lady if she thought they owed anything to me, the receiver, she stammered and avoided the question.

Thanks a lot you bunch of numpties.

Looking on the bright side, i also have a gun in the mail. at least they only lost my npas and not the gun.... yet....???
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