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Originally Posted by PeteDaBum View Post
Hopefully I've used 'quoting' correctly (n00b extraordinaire). Thanks for the info, I personally find the slight rattle and the wind gear both annoying and unrealistic. I guess I've always leaned towards the sim gametype. I'll be sure to try and get some midcaps in, for both my and other's sake.
Actually, here's some guides for the mag mod (they're usually hack away at the metal on your M4 mag and jam it into your FAMAS):

Here's a video of a guy doing it: FAMAS Conversion to M4 M16 mags - YouTube

There's also a slightly different mod that involves the keeping the metal bump on the M4 mag but hacking away at your FAMAS magwell.

Hope this helps.

Also I highly recommend midcaps. Even if you only load like 50 or 75 rounds into them at least you have the option of loading more if you so choose. Sometimes I like loading up my mags with the full 120 rounds, but usually I'll push down like 21 times on my BB loader to get 84 rounds into my mags or whatever (also the last 4 rounds won't get fed up into your hop up chamber unless you shoot the gun upside down so expect to lose the last few BB's when you're empty and go for a magchange).
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