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Originally Posted by PeteDaBum View Post
Hopefully I've used 'quoting' correctly (n00b extraordinaire). Thanks for the info, I personally find the slight rattle and the wind gear both annoying and unrealistic. I guess I've always leaned towards the sim gametype. I'll be sure to try and get some midcaps in, for both my and other's sake.

And as a means to reply to multiple people stating the same thing, more or less, being the Legal Lee I am, I made absolutely sure I bought a weapon that had full legality in Canada, that link was just in case no one knew what I was discussing. Finally, I know full well that people WILL buy a few thousand rounds for a single match, and spray away on the justification of 'support'. Let me just assure that with the integrated bipod the FAMAS possesses, I plan on, for the most part, taking a semi-auto style to gameplay, with 'rock 'n' roll' mode for dire situations. I do hope I bring the expected legitimacy to the game.
Lowcaps my child.

Low caps are the way to go.
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