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Originally Posted by RaisinBran View Post
I have 10 100 rd midcaps, but they just do not want to feed in my WE AEG, they will shoot once out of ever 3-4 shots.

Hi caps are my only option :C
I have a WE AEG as well and only run into this problem when I have over loaded my mags, which is what you're probably doing. A 100 round mid cap will actually hold about 106-108 BBs, but that's only if you're forcing them in really hard. The reason for this is you are literally over compressing your spring to the point that when you insert your mag you end up either getting 3 or 4 BBs tossed into your chamber, or there is some much tension you'll get none at all. It seems silly, 100 round mag holding 106-108 BBs, but if you think about the spring tension and how you are actually loading the mags it actually makes sense. Avoid doing this as you'll run into that problem.

Also, as previously stated, the mags themselves mag be the problem. I only get the problem you've mentioned when my mags have been over-filled. Happens to me maybe once out of an entire game day, if that, and I simply carefully expel 5 or 6 BBs from the mag and re-insert and that always does the trick. You could also try and maybe dial back your hop-up a bit until the mag feeds, but it's either going to be one of the first two mentioned.

I run 5 mids and 11 lows (used to be 12 until I lost one). I got the 12 lows from Airsoft Depot for $120+tax: They're all some odd Chinglish brand and I have no complaints about them with my WE M4 AEG.
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