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Toronto Tactical Airsoft Close Combat College (TTAC3)

Toronto Tactical Airsoft Close Combat College

Is a member organization of the Fighting Arts Collective Toronto (FACT)

FACT maintains a five thousand square foot training facility located at Ossington and Dupont in Toronto.

TTAC3 is devoted to providing a community center for the Toronto Airsoft community within which Airsoft combative skills can be honed through the practice of weapon handling, target shooting and through tactical drills using the FACT training space as a training environment.

The FACT facility presents the opportunity for the Toronto Airsoft community to have a dedicated training and “gaming” facility devoted specifically to the interests of the Airsoft community. Special events, competitions and seminars can also be held at the FACT facilities.

In addition a Kit Exchange and Consignment shop is proposed to allow the community to recycle equipment ( except weapons) within the community.

TTAC3 will maintain an Office within FACT facilities and will maintain a web presence to promote Airsoft and the TTAC3 facility.

TTAC3 is a non partisan organization it will not promote or support any one group or organization TTAC3 is envisioned as a central community center for the entire community and to serve as a networking center for local airsoft groups.

Who is behind TTAC3?
TTAC3 is a member organization of the Fighting Arts Collective Toronto under the sole control of the FACT directorship. Leading the development of TTAC3 are Shawn Zirger, Jeet Kune Do Family full instructor and Brian McIlmoyle who served 10 years in the Canadian Forces ( reserves) (infantry), as both an OR and an officer responsible for recruit training. Brian has served as an “umpire” in numerous live fire exercises.

How does it Work?
Membership in TTAC3 will allow members access to the training facility and all regularly scheduled TTAC3 activities. TTAC3 members will be able to make use of the kit exchange and consignment shop.
Membership in TTAC3 costs $45.00 per month with discount incentives for prepayment for 6 months $240 and 1 year $450.00
Committed members of FACT ($90.00) per month will receive automatic membership in TTAC3 at no additional cost.
Non member participation is available on a “pay per session” basis, Non members must complete the ATQ1 course, or apply for a waiver of the course. Cost for “pay per session” is $20.00 per session.

Weapon Rentals:

TTAC3 has invested in a number of “club owned” guns (GBB G19 and TM MP5 AEG) that will be available for rental on a “per session” basis the cost to rent will be $20.00 per session which will include the Gun, 2 magazines, consumables ( one battery) (200 BBs) (GAS), Rentals are always first come first served. There will be no guarantee that weapons will be available at any particular time. TTAC3 will not rent protective equipment of any kind.


The following restrictions will be in force at all TTAC3 activities.

1. Stock weapons only will be used, no internal upgrades are allowed ( this rule does not apply for range shooting ( no human target)
2. TTAC3 is open to persons over the age of 18 only. People between the ages of 16 and 18 can participate if accompanied and participating with their parent or legal guardian. ( under 18 can not rent guns)
3. For Force on Force exercises full seal Tactical Goggles or Paintball Goggles are required. Shooting glasses or safety glasses are approved for range exercises ( no human target)
4. Short sleeve shirts, “tank tops” or shorts are not permitted to be worn for Tactical Scenario play.

Course Descriptions:

ATQ1 (airsoft technical qualification 1) Introduction to Airsoft

This course is designed for the newcomer to the “sport” of airsoft. All participants and members of TTAC3 will need to complete this short course before any further courses or Tactical Scenarios can be participated in. Experienced players may apply for an ATQ1 Waiver by outlining in writing their relevant experience. Currently serving or recently retired members of the Military or Police may apply to have this course waived with a written declaration of their relevant experience.
1. Airsoft and the Law, responsible ownership
2. Weapon safety
3. Protective equipment
4. Marksmanship foundations
5. TTAC3 rules and conventions

ATQ2 Introduction to Close Combat

ATQ2 will introduce the tactical use of the pistol. The course will include a combination of hands on “classroom” activities along with “dry fire” exercises and will culminate with live fire range exercises and Force on Force Tactical Scenarios. This Course will be focused on the 2 man unit.
1. Weapon handling basics.
2. Marksmanship
3. Reflexive Shooting
4. Communication
5. Small Team Basics

ATQ3 Close Quarters Battle

ATQ3 builds on the skills introduced in ATQ2, leveraging the two person team into the standard 4 person fire team. This course is designed to be principally “experiential learning” with the majority of course content being practical exercises in movement, Communication, room clearing and reflexive shooting with the SMG and Carbine.

The full outline of this course is in development.

Future offerings:

Additional courses are in development including Combat Leadership, Personal Protection, and instructor level courses. In addition other courses in “Field Operations” to enhance the skills of the Milsim oriented player will be developed.

Weekend workshops, Competitions, Gun Clinics, and extended play tactical Scenario operations are also planned. In addition TTAC3 will host regular “Open Range” nights “Swap Meets” and “Armoury Sales” to serve to bring the community together in an informal context.

Tentative Schedule:

TTAC3 will operate 3 sessions per week Friday Night 7:00 to 11:00, Sunday afternoon 3:00 to 6:00 ( formal course time) and Sunday Evening 7:00 to 11:00

Timeline for TTAC3 Grand opening:

The project is in development, remaining tasks include the modifications to the facility to accommodate Tactical Scenario play. Initially we will open on a limited basis for play testing and course refinement, thereafter we will hold a “Grand Opening”. We are shooting for a Mid August opening.

Watch this space for updates

If you have any specific questions please PM me
Brian McIlmoyle
TTAC3 Director
CAPS Range Officer
Toronto Downtown Age Verifier


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