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where is everyone getting these 360 fps pistols?/is 380 acceptable for cqb?

I have been wanting to game for a while now, and I have no idea where everyone is getting their gear for CQB. The field limits around here all seem to be 360 fps. Every pistol that ive looked at from kjw, kwa, WE, pretty much everybody, minimum is 370 fps, usually closer to 380-400... I see everyone always talking about how they use these pistols, is the fps rate more flexible on pistols? I got a KWA m93r recently because I couldnt find anything that shot lower then 380 anyway, am I gonna get flack for this? I cant imagine that nobody else is gaming with KWA pistols in toronto...

I put a m100 in my G&G SIG 553 max hoping to play cqb but i dont have a crony and other peoples who did the same thing seemed to have theirs settle around 360-380... everyone said to use m100s for cqb, but now im wondering if I should have gone with m90, I havent seen anything stock that seems to fire around 360, I really wanna play a legit game and I dont wanna get sent home after paying for my first game if I find out that its too hot and I cant even use my pistol as a backup.

Toronto players, your feedback would be appreciated.
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