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I have the same question as OP, Rather than starting a new thread I'll do it here.

If I go for the King arms it will be hard to go to the gearbox because of the wire not able to disconnect, Also the bolt assembly will be a complicated process.

Mags are also an issue because I don't like MAG Brands, I'm more into King arms Mids.

In the other hand the WE covers up the problems with the wiring and the bolt assembly being easy to take apart, but the WE has its own problems like the chance of having a wobbly Upper assembly and the features might make problems in the near future.

I'm also looking into lower end type of brands like JG and Dboys but those have more issue combined and it is to vanilla for my taste.

If anyone had a WE or KA if you don't mind please tell me the issues like barrel wobble, broken internals and if you recommend it for me, Thank you so much and I hope you can help me out.

P.S Sorry for my writing layout if it is to hard to read :banghead:
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