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I only play play skirmish and thus far haven't been anywhere that says anything about magazine type allowed. I have played with some good guys who aren't so much into the gear and like to play light and fast and they run with just 1 high cap.

When I first started playing I wonder why would anyone give up the competitive advantage of carrying massive numbers of rounds with little effort. After some time I personally play to improve my skill and health so I prefer semi only and am moving to gas as much as I can. I enjoy a challenge but it can be tough when there are tons of rounds in the air and people are all playing like they are carrying SAWs. Movement and aim can only do so much.

I hate the wheel and the rattle. My suggestion would be to at least move to mid caps if you can. You can still carry more than enough rounds for an avg skirmish.

In general I look down on the players (or more what they do), not their gear. If someone is carrying 6 high caps and are spraying everywhere to get their kills, I don't think they have too much skill and thus don't deserve as much respect as someone who plays mostly in semi and with low caps.

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