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1) Not really. You can just show up if you want but problem is that since it's a niche sport/market and there's established gamedays you'd be missing out on knowing whether or not there's a rainout or cancellation or something. Also it's good to get a rough idea of numbers of people who are going to show up. As for venues; either Tsawwassen Paintball, Panther Paintball, or the dedicated "Bigfoot Games" field in Mission. Occasionally night games are held at NSPB and sometimes people try to organize games at RIP/Shock Entertainment.

2) Nope, only US law.

3) Goggles portion only, basically you know how the JT Spectras and Flex8's you can remove the upper sun visor and the lower face portion. If it says PB approved goggles you just need to run the goggles. If it says full face mask then full face mask it is (ie. all of the parts of the mask). Also note that some places allow sealed ballistics or shooting glasses (usually private fields like the places I play at here in AB). They are pretty self explanatory sealed ballistics means sealed so no BB's can get in from any angle (ie. Revision Bullet Ant or ESS Profile/Turbofan/Striker), and glasses are just glasses like the Revision Sawflys or ESS ICE shields. If it says shooting glasses you are free to get more protection (ie. sealed ballistics). Note that PB mask/goggles are usually always approved everywhere since it's still legitimate protection from BB's just like they protect against paintballs.

4) You don't *need* to but you also don't *need* to wear a full face helmet when riding a motorcycle either. You could just wear a "brain bucket" but if you go down you're kind of more screwed than if you were wearing proper protection. As for mouth protection, some people cut away at the sides of their PB mask to protect their teeth but also get a good cheekweld against the stock of their gun. Others wear a shemagh around their mouth hoping to absorb the impact of the BB, "catch" it, and slow down the energy/velocity of the BB coming at their face (just like speedballers have super loose jerseys). Personally I just run around with just a shemagh around my neck and mouth.
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