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New and Confused

Hey, and yes...Im new. I have a few, probably simply questions about Airsoft.

First a little about myself:
My name is James and I live in BC (Vancouver area) and have been a serious paintballer for about 4-5 years. However, one day my buddy bought a really nice Airsoft gun and we talked about making a team. I began to do some research on Airsoft and I've noticed a few differences from paintball (obviously) and Im having trouble understanding some aspects.

#1. Are there ANY "walk-on" Airsoft fields that don't require that "forum sign-up"? Like how paintball fields are, you walk/drive in, pay admission, possibly get rental gear (doubt that for Airsoft), and have fun.

-I've tried Goggle-ing "Places to play airsoft in BC", by it seems like everything is so secretive its so hard to just find a place to simply play.

#2. Do I need that Orange tip? (I don't think so, just need confirmation on that)

#3. Some paintball places run Airsoft games and require "Paintball approved goggles". What exactly does that mean to an Airsofter? JUST the goggles? Or an entire Paintball mask to cover the whole face?

#4. Which leads me to my last question, do I need to protect my mouth for Airsoft? I tried looking up the laws and it doesn't say anything about covering the face (aside from eyes).

-Of course I plan on keeping my mouth safe, just hopefully not with a giant paintball mask...maybe one of those mesh things I see online.

I look forward to my journey to become an Airsoft player, I just need a little help answering these questions. Thank you so much and I appreciate any help given.
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