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That's how balance connectors work.... You can push current through individual wires to balance the entire pack (but obviously you can't push too much current otherwise the wires would heat up and catch fire, it's a limitation of the material and thickness, ie. you probably wouldn't want to push 100 Amps through 28AWG wire that's only rated for 20A but the thin balance wires can take like 650mA without heating up too much and catching fire).

More expensive chargers you'll have proper charging wires to push current through (ie. My $50 Turnigy charger setup could probably push like 10Amps if I wanted it to but I'll usually just charge it at like 2.8Amp) the main wires and then when it's about finished will "trickle charge" small amounts of current through the balance connectors to balance them.

Your charger just charges at a low rate (650mA).
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