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Those modular, "all in one" vests, of which Condor makes several, while appealing to the average newbie (I know, i was one a short time ago) as a 'start-out' rig with the variety of pouches offered, are actually quite limited in their wearability/suitability as a skirmishable load bearing vest. Sometimes things can be a too much of a compromise in the name of "all-in-one", to be expected to do anything particularly well.

Number 1 on my bitch list - mesh or not, if it's real tight fitting, especially a zip up vest style, it gets F'in hot and sweaty in anything higher than 20 degrees C. days. It can also restrict upper body movement to a certain degree. I started out with the Condor "Modular Style Vest + 8 Pouches" version. Half the pouches, i removed from the start, and others were bought. Money, in hind-sight, wasted - I should have just gotten bare, and built from there, on a platform that is more comfortable and versatile.

This vest is no longer used at this time - it's pretty much useless to me at the moment, unless I'd assume a "police" impression. Given that i have had time now to observe what others are using, and what style/design is being used on the field. I decided to try something else other than a vest style, and i am glad i did. Some of the removable, Molle pouches from the vest continue to be used elsewhere, so it isn't a total loss.

I switched over to a Condor "modular chest set" recently. So far, i find it far more comfortable and flexible, for a M4/M203 load-out.

I also use a Condor battle-belt and suspenders combo, for a lighter-weight Mp5 or M14 load-out, when it is really darn hot out there.

Both setups combine camel-back water carriers. Hydration capable basic load-outs are vital to your health and happiness on the field, especially when it is hot, and you are working up a sweat.

You can certainly go more expensive, exotic, or just plain go to Condor's competitors.. there is likely better out there - but i for one am satisfied with Condor's quality, given the price point, and my experience so far of Condor products for air-soft use.

This all based on my past years experience. Do take with a pinch of salt, your experience may vary, yada yada yada..
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