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Originally Posted by ljohns35 View Post
I have the condor crossdraw rig. It's light, messed (very breathable), it holds your sidearm holster right too it and has 4 pouches for extra sidearm mags. It also has 4 pouches for your primary mags but just be careful because i originally had a G36C and the nubs on the mag would get caught in the pouches, plus it comes with a duty belt that is detachable and also carries 2 sidearm mags.. It came to about $75 ish.
As an added bonus it helps you lose mags on the field like no tomorrow. I've seen guys loose $300 pistols right out of the integrated floppy holster.

Go modular. Start small. Figure out what works for you and what doesn't. Molle gives you that flexibility.
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