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When you are at Army Issue, take a serious look at the chest rigs and try them out. You got to be comfortable when you play and the rig will make a difference.

I made the biggest mistake a few years ago on a $70 chess rig that suppose to be good value because it had every pouch on it, M4, AK, pistol, radio, admin pouches and plate carrier. I hated it because every pouch was in a spot I didn't like and not removable.

Get a basic empty molle chest rig and you can customize it for any game.

I have the OPS chest rig.

My friends went with OPS and other went with the modular chest rig.

I like mine because on a hot day, I can run light without a plate carrier. For CQB, I set up for M4 and pistol mags. For big games, I add my gps/radio pouch and hydration, and extra mag pouches. Unlimited possibilities with the OPS.

By the way, the Condor is just fine. Had mine for years. The only thing about it are the stitching that fails, but you can always restitch it back. I have yet to have the fabric fail. For the money, it is good value. Pantac is also good.

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