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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
I'm glad your first experience was a good one, but don't judge Toronto Airsoft too harshly. ASC and Toronto Airsoft are two separate entities; and although they may work together and have an AV on hand; they are a business first.
As far as i am concerned, TA has issues - I was an in-person, first-time customer, and they screwed me over large without so much as the courtesy of a reach-around. I will judge them accordingly, by their lack of good business ethics, in my instance.

You cannot please all the customers, all the time, but you can try to work with them to accommodate issues as a part of your business ethics. They didn't even make an attempt, in my case. Once burned, twice shy. Mine is not the only instance by far with TA, that i have heard post-sales support has been non-existent.

There are much better retailers out there, and TA no longer has a lock on the market, as far as reasonable cost goes.

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