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you could stand to save a few bucks, but nothing significant, you also run the risk of customs seizing the shipment for inspection, whether it has proper paperwork or not and if it meets importation requirements. So what's worth more, getting the gun from a local vendor in 1 week for about 20-30$ more, or rolling the dice with an out of country vendor and maybe waiting weeks or maybe even forever to get the gun released by customs, or find out they sent it to be destroyed and be out 300$?

It's available for a reasonable price locally, it's not super rare/hard to get, I think the extra few bucks is worth it to be honest. I'm one for saving money, but the out of country option isn't quite as clear cut as it seems to be.

Even if they include the proper paperwork, even if customs releases the package to you, both EVIKE and GI ship with ups ground, so you're looking at the cost of the gun 275, the shipping ups flatrate ground is probably 20ish, 13% hst, I believe 7% duty since it's made in asia, 30-50$ in customs brokerage for ups to clear your package. Where's your savings now?

If you are AVed we can tell you where to get that gun in country, if you're resourceful you can find it yourself
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