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Exclamation A quandary and a dumb question: Starting AEG?

What I am looking for:

- A good starting AEG
- under $300, but nothing too cheap to the point of lesser quality china clone or LPAEG
- Namely M4 type, or takes STANAG type magazines
- Mid length, 14.5" barrel, wouldn't want much longer, since I plan to use it in both indoor and outdoor situations
- Doesn't use a PEQ or external battey
- rails are not necessary, but at the very least room for inserts to allow at least a flashlight
- Magpul not necessary, but I effin' love Magpul

Thanks to the new shipping laws, getting these guns from america should be much easier than it used to be, especially since they all shoot within the range of 366-500FPS anyways. I want to basically get ASC members expert opinion on which guns I should invest in, or if you have a better reccomendation for a weapon that fits within my guidelines I would love to hear it! I am very new to the sport, and I plan to get into it for the long haul, but I want my first steps to be firm ones. If you also have any kit reccomendations I'm all ears

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