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Why didn't you just go outside, say you're going to grab a quick smoke but what you were actually gonna do was scratch your ass a few times, you know... get that itch that has been bugging you for the pass 30 minutes with the urge to scratch only being suppress by all the amazing eye candy on the shelves...then pull out your uber smrt phonular device and make an account. Head back in, tell him your login name, shake his hands (like the Ass Penny guy), and both yous happy now.

Anyways, most fields has someone who can AV you anyways. Hamilton area has a lot of fields so won't take you very long plus being AVed only lets you into the classified and Age of Majority section so you're not really missing that much.

Anyways, I wanna try that place out too, if I see you there....YOUR ASS IS GRASS! or perhaps... YOUR GEAR-ASS IS GRASS! Glad you had fun though
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