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Originally Posted by 5kull View Post
Hi guy's,
just joined OPS-CENTER and added my field in Pont-rouge, Quebec. Thanks for building this site for the community, I like it very much. I love how you built everything around a map

Three small suggestions since I'm just learning to use OPS-CENTER

1. You should add a button for OCU (Ops-Center University).

2. You should create a banner I can add to my signature to promote OPS-CENTER.

3. Eventually you might want to give the option to see the OPS-CENTER buttons in French, I know, it's a bummer and you have a ton of work to do but I'm in a region where most of the players speak french. Oh Canada

Take care and thanks again for the great work,

Denis / 5kull

PS: Thanks Brian for telling me about this great site
Thanks for the feedback 5kull! We've just finished a tremendous amount of work putting OPS-Center on a new dedicated server - map redraw is about 800% faster and the site is noticeably more responsive.

We're tackling some communications features at the moment, which you should see in the next couple of weeks - I think you'll like what we're up to (can't talk about it yet, lol).

OPSC banners and badges are definitely on our todo list.

We have plans for French and Spanish. We've been rolling out core functionality and are now doing a lot of backend work. Once 2.0 is done, we're probably going to go multi-lingual.

Glad you're enjoying it and stay tuned for more features and functions that everyone's been wanting.

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