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Originally Posted by Crossfire034 View Post
First post on the forums aside from the introduction. Now, I've already got a general idea of what type of gun to look for*, however I'm at a loss when it comes to apparel. I see a lot of people using full combats while the closest thing I've got is a random camo jacket from the 70's. Is it just a personal preference, or do some events require you to dress to a certain standard?

It depends on the event - whether a skirmish, scenario day, or a full on Milsim event.

For skirmish events - it's generally come as you are - wear darker colored clothing that you don't mind getting grass/paint stained or randomly ripped or torn (potentially), a good pair of ankle supporting boots, along with your required eye-pro/face-protection, and you are generally good to go.
There will be people there with gear, so you can start out by participating, and observing what others are using, to get an idea of what you might wish to purchase in terms of a basic setup.

For scenario type events - you generally want to start to try fitting in - at least a chest-rig type setup, and some sort of camo clothing setup.

Milsim takes it to another level. There will be standards of gear/equipment/BDU involved in terms of a uniform look and functionality, unless you happen to play an insurgent/civilian type role - in which case, there is generally standards for that also.

It's advisable to get at least some sort of chest-rig/vest/plate-carrier from the start, appropriate to the primary weapon that you've chosen. It's no fun carrying, and potentially losing magazines out of pockets on the field, without one.
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