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you know I can understand being protective about your partner, you're worried about their safety, that's great, but these guys who get OVERprotective or decide they need to pull out their dick because they think their partner has been wronged in some way as part of the game are the problem, and I would say isolated incidents because not every couple will behave this way.

Getting shot is part of the game, just like you don't sign up for a kickboxing class/group expecting not to be punched. If there is malicious intent behind the action, then yes, by all means take appropriate action against the offender or the person being a douche. I just don't get why these guys have to be dumbasses about it. If you didn't explain the risks to your partner or if they didn't understand, who's at fault when the point of it is to shoot people and get shot? Headshots can and will happen, even when people do their best to avoid it, but if that's all the target you give, that's all the target that gets shot at. Hell I got shot in my last 2 games in the face more than I've been shot in the entirety of the last year.

But since it's your team you're talking about and it was a team decision, then that's your prerogative, and I got no issue with that. The team lives and dies by the strength and weaknesses of the individual members, and you're looking out for the well being of the whole.
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