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This is airsoft and people shoot at the opposite team for elimination. When I shoot, I target for the largest area which is the body and best chance of a hit at long distances. I try to avoid the head, because no one likes to be shot in the head. Also if I target for the body, I now have to avoid the breast area that's provided I know it is a girl I am shooting at. Do I go for the butt?

If she is worry about her breasts, then have her wear a plate carrier. She also be better be wearing full face protection.

I don't distinguish between male or female when I pull the trigger. If the player is female and wants to be treated as a female then the female player should wear some clothing to identify that she is female or use a pink gun.

I have seen girls shoot guys multiple times. Do girls treat guys any different in an airsoft game?

The big question here.... Does your girl friend want to be treated as a girl or one of the guys playing a airsoft game?
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