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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Actually... to forget and not worry about school, finances, etc. is exactly why I go play Airsoft. So I don't have to think about it for a day.

As for the other stuff... if they can't watch someone take a shot to the face without losing it, they probably shouldn't be on the field to begin with. Everything you just mentioned was indicative of some instability man.

Let's take that same couple to a baseball game... the wife/girlfriend get's thrown out at first base, it's a close call, I posit the guy who freaks out when his girlfriend gets a shot to the nose is probably going to start shouting at the umpire who made a close call that the boyfriend doesn't agree with. I wouldn't want that person at a game I'm at, full stop. Whether is girlfriend exists or is there shouldn't matter. That level of maturity is below what I feel is required to attend an Airsoft game.

Basically, you've demonstrated the type of mentality that should not be permitted to come and play, and it has nothing to do with having a significant other. I've seen boyfriends/girlfriends/fathers/mothers come out and watch their partners or kids get shot, even bleed, and you know what, no one's freaked out. Usually people apologise for taking a shot they shouldn't have, and everyone continues on having a happy day.

You've just got some bad eggs. It has nothing to do with partners. Invite those people back out, and watch the same people freak out over something else. 10 bucks says it'll happen.
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