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Originally Posted by BrendanL View Post
Hi everyone,

This is one of my first times posting here, I usually just read and enjoy. Lately my girlfriend has been bugging me to come play airsoft.

I was wondering if anyone out there who would have some tips for getting her started? More or less the gear side of things and possibly some newbie friendly games in the Toronto area.

Few more things,

- Would an MP5 style AEG be something appropriate for her to start with?
- Vests that fit well for ladies? ( she is concerned about her breasts being protected )
- A field ladies frequent?
- She is a little concerned with it being a mostly male sport and standing out
- Her size is 5'9 110 pounds ( if that helps )

These are just concerns off the top of my head. If I could get some input from any girls here who play, or males who have taken their girlfriends into the adventure of airsoft.

ANY help would be appreciated, thanks ASC.

Currently we have two girls that are full time players on our team and we have another two that are occasional players. The girls on our team keep up with the guys 100% of the time and we treat them just like the rest of the guys. All the girls that play with our group came into the game by their own accord, and we do our best as a group to welcome them into the sport just as we would anyone else.

That being said, BrendanL if you and your girlfriend are interested in playing with a very female friendly group then feel free to PM me. Your girlfriend may feel more comfortable starting out if there are other girls there, that are just as into it as the guys.

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