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Don't have, had.

Imagine knowing someone for years and years. Good player, solid individual, nice family; then his wife starts playing and he changes. He can't handle when she gets hurt, he can't handle when she excels past him, etc.

Another couple played with us for years (both of them). Really nice people, played well together, good sports, then she nails someone else on the team. Now they and the other individual stop coming out because they might have to see each other, everyones is picking sides, and on, and on, and on.

I assure you, this decision wasn't made lightly; and I hope no one else has to make the same. These are people friends and have been for years. We know their kids, we know go on trips together, we are family.

These are just a few examples. Airsoft in itself is not necessarily the cause, but possibly a catalyst. Couples have a strong relationship or connection. You can't just stop worrying about finances, your kids, your marriage, or whatever just because your playing airsoft. Every couple has their ups and downs. Sometimes; it spills over and effects the team. These where or are all good people. They made their mistakes and that's sad, but we've found it's couples that are a large negative x-factor. That doesn't mean that'll always be the case, it's just easier not to take the chance anymore. This was also not some decision I just came up with; it was a consensus among many long standing team members after careful consideration and years of airsoft together.

Let me ask a question. Let's say you play regularly with a close group of friends. In between games someone says or does something to you that is upsetting. Maybe that person just made a mistake, or screwed up; it happens. So even though your angry you give them a talking to or explain your frustration; but it doesn't become a big deal. Maybe they tea-bagged you, maybe they shot you in the ass, maybe they called you an inappropriate name (something racial, or derogatory), or maybe they carelessly shot you in the face leaving marks or drawing a little blood. This person is your friend and didn't mean anything by it, but shit happens. Now instead, same situation; but they did it to your wife right in front of you. What if she's in tears, upset, or uncomfortable now. Maybe not; maybe she's handling it well. But the husband/boyfriend is always more upset than if it happened to him, and often steps in to fight her battle; it's a natural state of things. Maybe he doesn't, but it stews in his head, and he's always now annoyed by that person. Or he does make a big deal about it and now the rest of the team lament her prescence because they have to watch themselves all the time or he might be upset.

I can remember a time when buddies girl got shot in the face (hit her in the safety glasses, didn't hurt, nor leave a mark). The individual apologized to her, and she accepted; no harm done. Later her "man" decided to make a big deal about it. I can tell you after years if playing with him that if he'd have been shot in the face and it knocked one of his teeth out; he'd have said, "oh well, risks of the sport. Shit happens, don't worry about it.".

This isn't all couples; and these are stable people with good families. Some obviously were not "reliable". But it was just a constant, and now we don't have those issues years ...go figure.

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