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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
It's not usually the girl that has issues with this stuff, it's her boyfriend/husband. Which is why, after several failed attempts; we no longer allow couples on the field. You can be a man or woman, and will be treated fairly; but leave your other half at home. This is just our way due to consistent past experiences unfortunately.
Yeah, I don't get that. My girlfriend comes out all the time now. Hell, she builds props for our games and brings delicious baking out to the field, although she gets annoyed that I don't cook at home but when in field I make bacon in the middle of a gunfight.

Hell, the best moment I had in the last few months of airsoft, I was single-handedly storming a small bunker and I take fire from it. I duck, check target and hear a familiar giggle. I shout out, "IS THAT YOU?!" She laughs and puts a few bb's over my head. It's a good thing her AEG crapped out on her, but we had one fuck of a good gunfight.

So to me, it sounds like you've got some really unstable asstard couples.

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