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Full face masks suck. Just my opinion.

Alot of them keep you from properly getting a good sight picture, non-mesh lenses tend to fog more often, and your peripheral vision sucks. Full seal ballistics are the way to go, lower face mesh if you wish. Smith Optics, Revision and ESS all make good quality goggles, especially ones with turbofans for fog prevention. Don't compromise on your safety, but you shouldn't also compromise on your effectiveness as your gameplay will suffer. Personally I just use full seals with no face mesh, unless I know the majority of engagements will be within 30-40 feet. I get shot in the face with BBs all the time in milsims and skirmishes and have only once ever had skin break, which was from a hot gun at 30 feet. Maybe I just have leather-face, but full face pro isn't necessary with full seals unless youre doing a CQB, and even then if you are playing with an experienced group they will most likely be aiming low (accidents do happen in excitement however and I have taken some to the face within 15 feet, no skin break though).
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