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Originally Posted by Peachfuzz View Post
That's right babe ! I am the scariest NEMESIS ever!

As a woman, I would like to give my opinion on this subject.

I am sorry to hear you had bad experiences having couples in games, however, I disagree that playing with your better half should be banned from games and here is my argument:


Need I say more ?

Spot on.

If a game host has to resort to banning the couples-milieu in game play, the problem doesn't lay in those couples - but rather with the lack of maturity that is being consistently demonstrated by the other players.

It's a normal reaction for an attached guy to get pissed off with others who are demonstrating disrespect to their partner, and to them, by making inappropriate advances - and it is immature behavior if people are not be able to keep it in their pants, when it comes to others that would normally be off-bounds in any other social situation. It shows a level of immaturity on the part of the perpetrators that needs correction - and banning either of the victims in that sort of situation isn't the appropriate action to be taking. It's a band-aid fix, not a solution to the root problem of player bad behavior.
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