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Greetings everyone!

This is my first post on this forum and I wanted to introduce myself and share my experience purchasing over the border.

Before I go any further, I want to make some clarifications. I am not 14 year old, I am much older. I wasn’t a member of the forum when I made a purchase, I knew however about the issues with importation of airguns into Canada and decided to try my chances. I have my other three rifles purchased from a Canadian distributor. I was AV'd more than a month ago, but my info isn't populated into the forum yet. I guess it takes longer than two weeks sometimes. Oh, well...

So, after some research, I made a purchase on eHobbyAsia - I bought Classic Army CA-25 Entry Carbine. They shipped it pretty quick and in about a week and a half it reached Canada Border Agency where it got stuck. After two weeks I got notification from CBSA that the item was detained, together with a letter from CBSA, saying that it is prohibited item (replica firearm) and indicating my choices: appeal, abandon or export. I decided to try my luck again and apply for appeal, as the export process looked very unclear.

On eHobbyAsia website it says that the muzzle velocity of the rifle is 390fps. According to Custom Notice 12-005, airfost guns with muzzle velocity over 366fps are considered uncontrolled firearms and not replicas and allowed for importation, so I based my appeal letter on that and attached a copy of Custom Notice 12-005 as well as website screenshot showing description of the rifle.

Later I checked manufacturer’s website and found out that fps limit is way below 366fps! I thought I was screwed.

After a week I received letter that my appeal was received and will be reviewed, and after one more week I received another letter, together with delivery attempt notice, saying that the rifle was considered eligible for importation! In the letter they mentioned that they referred to the manual, that came with the rifle and because highest FPS limit was above 366fps, they decided to release it. So, they do refer to manual that come with a gun and not retailer or manufacturer's information on the web, and I guess eHobbyAsia upgraded the rifle and changed the numbers in the manual as well.

Next day I went to a post office and received the rifle. I had to pay taxes and duties though - $75 total. Plus shipping was around $60. Plus it is a lottery, you never know 100% your gun will be released. So, I completely agree that mostly it makes sense to purchase locally rather than over the border, unless it is something you really want/need and can't find here in Canada.

Hope this can be of some interest for some people here on the forum.

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