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If she's cool...take her to a store with lots of guns...let her pick any of them, whatever she wants.

I will say this...the second last range day at TTAC there was a new girl there trying out everyone's gun. Loved it. From PTWs to WE M14's.

Then I handed over my kwa MP7 and she shot a couple of semis...then had her flip to full auto. She let it rip...actually giggled and smiled like crazy. I said to her, "the other guns don't make you do that do they?" to which she replied "No they don't".

Get her a sub gun. Gas powered for indoor cqb. Mp9, mp7, roni modded g18c if she's into futuristic looks. Light as hell, accurate enough, no recoil or aiming issues and just a lot of fun to shoot.

If it must be an aeg...let her hold, handle as many as possible. She might end up liking something weird like a p90.

And regardless of how she does you've got to say, "damn! I think you gun shoots better than mine". Prestaging the next gun purchase is key down the road....

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