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My girlfriend has been out 3 times already and enjoys it.

Any gun would be good really. An MP5 is a fine rifle. I would say that something of the AR variety is fine as well. I just built a 7.5" SBR (mainly for shits and giggles) and that's light as hell and almost feels like a toy in my hands (and keep in mind this is all metal and the mags I'm using are weighted to a RS STANAG mag loaded with 30 rounds of .223 Rem.). My girlfriend actually used a 10.5 or 11.5 CQB M4 the times she went out. She also used my 14.5" M4 but she found it a bit long and "too heavy" (that's the rifle that I run my 9.6V 2800mAh NiMH PEQ battery on). My GF is about 5'7" and 130 lbs. and the 10.5" G&G half breed CQB-R was perfect for her according to her (although I'm wanting to get her into metal bodied guns). If you want to buy her something you could easily get a KA M4, buy a 10.5" outer barrel and find someone with a spare inner barrel or buy a shorter inner barrel to match the outer and you're pretty much good to go after that. Hell you could probably get away with a 14.5" barrel anyways.

As far as vests go, a Weesatch replica (or real stuff if you can afford it) with the panel up should do the trick. Might not be the lightest or totally high speed but it should protect well enough with the extra fabric.

As far as standing out... My girlfriend definitely stood out but blended into the field once they got playing. Also there was a standing order to not hit on her.
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