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I don't have a problem if someone has some sort of lens protection behind the mesh goggles, be it safety glass or prescription eyewear.. most plastic lenses for glasses are at least ansi 87.1 rated now anyways (at least every pair I've had in the last few years have been as long as you get quality lenses) only question is the coverage, since not all prescription eyewear can cover the entire eye area. But combined with a GOOD quality mesh goggle, the mesh can stop the bulk of the BB, and if there are shards, a good covering lens behind can stop shards.

The problem with mesh is not that it's not strong enough, it's the quality of the manufacture.. some of them aren't secured very well to the frame, while others, the material will fail.

I don't think mesh should be banned, but I definitely think people should be inspecting their shit and making sure they have good stuff.
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