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Stupid Questions About Importing Parts

I'm a complete noob when it comes importing parts as I pretty much buy all my airsofts locally.
I have a friend of mine in Japan who had quit airsoft and is selling me his Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge. I want it but I do know most of the laws regarding importing airsofts to Canada is preventing me from importing it as a whole.

All I care about is the slide, grip and pretty much the outside look of the gun (Big fan of the Resident Evil series). I don't really care about the inside like the receiver and such.
What I am asking is if my friend takes apart the gun and sends the parts separately, would I get in trouble with the CBSA? Also which part of the pistol are allowed to cross customs with no problems at all?

Keep in mind that I am not going to keep the internal workings of the airsoft pistol as I know part of it is illegal in Canada such as the receiver. From what I heard from my friend, part of the gun is metal so I am not sure if I can import the parts safely to Canada.

Can you guys with your infinite wisdom in airsoft help out?

Also I read somewhere on the forum that CBSA has changed their laws this year about importing full metal airsoft guns. From what I read is that we can import them as long as they don't go over or under a certain FPS. Is this true?

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