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Originally Posted by shinigami View Post
So, I went by AAA Army Surplus in Kensington Market today and picked up a pair of woodland pants and a jacket. The guy working there was super nice and helpful. Also he knows tons of info on army gear. When I need to buy more I will definitely go back.

I'm all set, other than I need a bag for my baby and her accessories. For now she lives in the box she came in (kinda getto, I know) but as soon as I find a nice bag for her, I'll be all set.... for now at least.

Look forward to coming out to some games.

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Be careful when shopping at AAA Surplus... A lot of the uniforms there are overpriced as shit...I'm talking 130 bucks for a super-faded CADPAT TW shirt or 100 dollar MARPAT Pants... shit, even 80 dollars for a flecktarn shirt.

ArmyIssue sells the US Army/Marines Issue ESS NVG and Revision goggles for a good price.
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