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Just a suggestion for your consideration ...

Getting a hard gun case is ok but it is not my first recommendation. Why you ask? Consider the following:

A hard gun case offers excellent protection but given that it is rigid it will be harder to transport, heavier, and occupy much more space. In my 6+ years of playing airsoft I have never once had a gun damaged because I transported it in a non-rigid carry case or bag.

Aside from the gun you will also need to transport a ton of other gear. Headware, eyepro, vest, gloves, knee pads, spare batteries, extra BB's, water, etc.

Therefore if you want to go with a low price solution I recommend buying a medium sized hockey bag. Those nylon bags are designed to carry tons of equipment and are roomy enough to carry your gun plus supporting gear. I prefer to carry everything in one bag so I don't have to lug around two or more bags/cases.

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