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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
As RITZ stated, replying to ads in the classifieds is not allowed since it would result in an early bump (which is against the rules).

If you see a classified ad in the paper you're interested in do you take out an ad the next day to inform everyone you'll be phoning the guy? There's zero need to post in someone's sales thread: contact the seller via PM. If you want a confirmation your message was read use the confirmation option (the "Request a read receipt for this message" checkbox at the bottom of the page when you're writing a new PM).

Also remember the seller may have been in talks with someone else before you contacted him.

Lastly, why was this posted in the Airsoft Media section? Moving it to the newbie tank. (also displeased tsk tsk)
Hello again!
To be totally honest I sent this question directly to a Staff member a few months ago and never received a reply. I would be pleased to tell you who this was but this site does not automatically keep a copy and I keep forgetting to check off the box. (I am sure you will be most pleased to tell poor little me how to set that up!)
As to where I posted the thread it was by pure chance! I had no idea were to put it, and I didn't want to send it to another Staff member and wait for an answer that may or may not arrive, so I just put it were I was! Sorry it displeased you but I finally got a response!
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