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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
the only people able to post in "for sale" threads are the thread starters and admins
I post a for sale thread, only mods and I can post in the thread, no other members
Yeah that makes sense!
Problem I have is I am used to a couple other forums which allow posts on FS threads. Usually a post stating that you are interested in the piece/run (Replica Prop Forum for ex.) and that a PM is on the way.
It can get rather confusing going from one type of forum to another! Most forums I find use a similar system so it's the little rule differences that usually trip me up.
Just to illustrate how confusing it can be recently I have been finding a lot of airsoft guns for sale on the RPF!
One of these was for the Special Edition Maruzen Walther P99, with silencer, tactical light, rail adapter, 2 magazines, and a hard plastic case for $350! As a Bond fan I wanted it real bad but, as I thought, he was American and I didn't want to chance a border crossing.
So thanks for the info, it is appreciated!
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