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Open Question to the Canadian Player Base

As the North American (and Canadian) player base grows, some companies are taking notice of the potential market (unlike Tokyo Marui). These other companies are interested in what they can develop that the consumer would want to buy, not what they think they could sell limited quantities of, there-by making replacement parts non-existent.

I'm asking several groups and private clubs that I'm a third-party member of this same question and have a week to get several 'Canadian' answers and then report it to an associate who works in the development ... so here goes.

If you were to ask, suggest, comment or change one thing to/from/about Maruzen Airguns Japan, what would it be?

In a week's time (next Monday afternoon, September the 17th), I will be speaking to my team-mate and delivering him with some ideas.

Cheers people.
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