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how many people play in kw/how often?

hi, im 15 right now, will turn 16 in a few weeks, and am looking into playing airsoft at flagraiders in the fall/winter and on but i want so background info, first i am aware that there is a pretty strict 18+ age limit or something, but it sounds like there can be excepts for more like 16+ and trust me im not your average 15 year old, (will be 16 as of october 13th). i am 6'4", 230 lbs and play football. i am no stranger to pain. and i wont be using a piece of crap gun from walmart. i have not bought my gun yet, but i have my eyes set on a particular gun. i have a job and thereby my own money to spend on the sport. all i want to know is are there a bunch of guys in kitchener waterloo who play airsoft at flagraiders, how often, and what other info do i need before i join (i.e. can i join?)
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