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My name is Peter, and I bought my first airsoft guns in Japan in 1990, and transported them home during Operation Desert Storm. Nobody over here had heard of airsoft at that time.

Lately I bought a paintball gun for my night watchman, and got re-introduced to Airsoft during my research. I decided I needed an AK47, and bought a nice one from a fellow in California. I got it imported, finally, but only after driving to the airport and convincing a customs official that I wasn't a gang banger who was going to use it to intimidate bodega owners and gas station attendants.

You can see a pictures of it, and the rest of my collection, on my Photobucket page:

Incidentally, I am finally able to indulge my interest in automatic replica weapons because last year the government started sending me $600 or so a month simply because I have been a citizen for over 65 years. There are areas of this forum I would like to visit, but they are closed to me because I am not age verified, and I have no way of becoming so, unless someone in authority were to visit my photobucket pages and conclude that they are not an elaborate hoax perpetrated by 15 year old to fraudulently gain age verification here, and grant it to me without a face-to-face.

Look at the grammar and spelling of this post. I ask you, could this have been written by a contemporary teenager?
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