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The preset for the lipo charge for 3 cell is 11.1v, I don't know if I'm actually draining them completely since I only play once a week and charge them right after. I bought a pretty damn expensive charger, its an imax dual power charger
If you are charging your battery to 11.1 volts then you are not overcharging it. You can safely charge each cell up to 4.2 volts. So 3x4.2 is 12.6 volts. Your problem might be that your not charging them enough wich makes you think they a not holding their charge for very long.

Also before charging them check the balance in each cell if one is to low that could indicate bad cell. Don't forget to check the balance ounce they are charged also.

With your charger you can monitor wats going on as the battery is charging and see how each cell is reacting.

Whats the ''C'' rating of your battery?
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