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Originally Posted by goduranus View Post
so I am going to be conservative and start with one that is between twice and thrice as strong as the AEG springs.

When you install a spring stronger than the gun can handle, does the gun break right when you try to fire the first round(strength problem)? or is it after a certain number of round(wear and tear)? or does it happen mostly during sustained fire(vibrations)?
On AEGs, the gearbox break from a strong spring mostly after some usage, as the piston knocking leaves small fractures and wears on the metal gearbox over time.

To your RC tank, I think it will be a different case.

Looking at the gearbox interior, I think a spring that between twice and thrice strength as the AEG spring will be strong enough to blast your tank gearbox right away if you managed to put the it in the gearbox. Flying spring, gears and plastic shrapnel are dangerous...
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