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Originally Posted by goduranus View Post
I'm gonna head out to the hardware store tomorrow to get a new spring to increase the velocity.

As the tank churns out a feeble 10 rpm, I suspect it has an insane gear ratio (50 times higher than AEGs?), thus enough torque to pull a very strong spring. However, the gearbox shell is made of toy-grade plastic, with gears themselves made of slightly stronger medical-grade plastic, so I am going to be conservative and start with one that is between twice and thrice as strong as the AEG springs.

I am aware that a spring too strong will break an un-reinforced gearbox, but I'd like to ask. When you install a spring stronger than the gun can handle, does the gun break right when you try to fire the first round(strength problem)? or is it after a certain number of round(wear and tear)? or does it happen mostly during sustained fire(vibrations)?
On the rate of fire issue the reason it shoots so slow is because the company that makes these tanks wanted to keep the thing as close to the real thing a possible so, they programmed it to shoot that slow. Meaning that no amount of modding to the gears and that well make it shoot faster.

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