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I'm gonna head out to the hardware store tomorrow to get a new spring, and up that velocity.

As the tank churns out a feeble 10 rpm, I suspect it has an insane gear ratio (50 times higher than AEGs?), thus enough torque to pull a very strong spring. However, the gearbox shell is made of toy-grade plastic, with gears themselves made of slightly stronger medical-grade plastic, so I am going to be conservative and start with one that is between twice and thrice as strong as the AEG springs.

I am aware that a spring too strong will break an un-reinforced gearbox, but I'd like to ask. When you install a spring stronger than the gun can handle, does the gun break right when you try to fire the first round(strength problem)? or is it after a certain number of round(wear and tear)? or does it happen mostly during sustained fire(vibrations)?

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