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Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
airsoftparts has Intellect 7.4v 1300mAh 20C for 25$ each (pricing seems steep).
This is my favourite lipo; it's tiny and fits anywhere perfectly. They also fit a crane stock no problem, so you don't need a lipo buffer tube.

Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
..and finally hobbyking offers some Turnigy nano-tech 1200mah 2S 15~25C for 5.55$ each!! Thing is, they are wired for Tamiya.. I can rewire to Deans I guess.
These lipos are for some reason longer thn the intellect/king arms buffer tube lipos and don't fit as nicely. They are a bit wider so you may need a lipo buffer tube.

I have made a few adapters, just get some extra charge leads or connector cables and cut them in half, solder the ends together and tape everything up nicely. Or save yourself the headache and convert everything to deans. If you are changing connectors on a lipo battery thought, be careful, and only cut one wire at a time. Make very sure you don't short out the lipo.
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