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EVERY common li-po battery pack comes with the JST-XH connector (thats the wire dedicated to the charger; the one that looks like a motherboard fan connector)... maybe I'll try that instead.

Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
For the more "common" set of wires (the ones I usually plug into my AEG); I should have them converted to deans because the charger uses a Deans plug?
Yes, in order to charge the battery, you'll have to convert to Deans. The charger will come with several adapters but Deans is the most common connector in airsoft today besides Tamiya.

Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post

In conclusion... if I get the turnigy nanotech lipo packs, then I should also get a set of male deans connectors because they come with Tamiya connectors (instead of getting an adapter; g&p's already have deans connectors)?

You may as well buy a bulk pack of Deans connectors (male and female) and convert all your guns/batteries to Deans so as to avoid incompatibilities. There's no point in using adapters as they only introduce electrical resistance and rob power and performance, not to mention connectors are bulky.
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