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Alright, that info is pretty nice.. and I thank you all for the valuable assistance!

BUT! I want to make sure I got everything right; (I'm a little confused between nachos, tacos, burritos... and cheerios - they all taste the same)

EVERY common li-po battery pack comes with the JST-XH connector (thats the wire dedicated to the charger; the one that looks like a motherboard fan connector)... maybe I'll try that instead.

For the more "common" set of wires (the ones I usually plug into my AEG); I should have them converted to deans because the charger uses a Deans plug?
(I hope my reading skills here aren't too low... you can slap me if I'm getting everything wrong!)

In conclusion... if I get the turnigy nanotech lipo packs, then I should also get a set of male deans connectors because they come with Tamiya connectors (instead of getting an adapter; g&p's already have deans connectors)?

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