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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
In every other application on earth (rifles, blow guns) longer gives more time under pressure and more stability. I have seen nothing convincing other than the PR on their website to convince me otherwise.
Airsoft is a completely different world and no comparison between airsoft technology and Real firearms can be made.

For an efficient backspin, the BB doesn't touch the inside of the barrel and is floating on an air cushion that is surrounding the BB inside the barrel.

The BB diameter is 5.95 mm and if the inside bore of the inner barrel is 6.03mm we have a air cushion thickness of .08mm wich is the minimum recommended for a good accuracy.

Barrel lenght is matched with the cylinder volume and has no effect on accuracy or range in an airsoft gun.

It is way more important to carrefully match the correct inner barrel lenght and inner diameter with the correct cylinder.

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