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Originally Posted by coach View Post
that is ridiculous!
I dont make shit up. If I see this at our place it is in fact "asta-la-vista" to the player.

I dont want to give the bad name to this as from the moment you step on our field there is a certain requirment implied. Guys know they have been selected to get in and in turn have the chance not not be a dick head. You start at +10 and go from their.

Honestly, knock on wood, I have not had to confront anyone and have not had anyone serious come up to me after and say WTF? This guy did this and this guy did that. It is ALWAYS high fives or dudes dropping from being wiped out.

And believe me, I even have radio communication on both sides and check in throughout the game to see if there is any evidence of bull shit.

Anyway, next.....?

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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